Thursday, September 9, 2010

New IEEE publication on affective computing

No it's not a typo, it's affective with an "a". The IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing start with a very nice introductory paper by Rosalind W. Picard:
I did not want to work on or be associated with emotion, yet emotion was starting to look vital for solving the hard engineering problems we needed to solve. A scientist has to find what is true, not just do what is popular. I was becoming quietly convinced that engineering dreams to build intelligent machines would never succeed without incorporating insights about emotion. I knew somebody had to educate people about the evidence I was collecting and act on it. But I did not want to risk my reputation and I was too busy. I started looking around, trying to find somebody, ideally male and established, whom I could convince to develop this topic, which clearly needed more attention than I had time for.


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