Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is anybody editing the papers for Electronics Letters?

Checking the weekly update of IEEXplore I see the following title for a paper in Electronics Letters: "nth-order multi-bit ΣΔ ADC using SAR quantiser". Being something I'm interested in, I follow the link to check what I think is a sigma-delta with a successive-approximation ADC as quantizer. To my excitement I read the following abstract: "An nth-order multi-bit delta-sigma (ΣΔ) analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) using a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) quantiser is proposed. By exploiting the residue voltage of a multi-bit SAR ADC, the proposed ADC performs as an nth-order noise shaping converter with only one opamp and removes the need for a feedback multi-bit DAC. In addition, the proposed architecture is very reconfigurable and can be implemented as a bandpass ADC.". Wow! That looks pretty cool, how do they manage to put a radar as quantizer and why don't they send it to ISSCC? :-D

Of course, thinking it's a typo that will not appear in the paper itself, I click and lo and behold, the same mistake is repeated in the abstract in the paper. Of course, checking the paper it's obvious it's a successive-approximation register quantizer.

Conclusion? Electronics Letters HUGE FAIL!

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  1. Come on David, I have a paper in EL...


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