Friday, September 24, 2010

High resolution large format cameras

Hasselblad just announced today that they have developed a 200 Megapixel capture device (found via OISblog).

Coincidentally, yesterday the proceedings of the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography were put on line at IEEEXplore, and among the papers there was this one by Moshe Ben-Ezra from Microsoft Research Asia: "High resolution large format tile-scan camera: Design, calibration, and extended depth of field". The abstract reads:
Emerging applications in virtual museums, cultural heritage, and digital art preservation require very high quality and high resolution imaging of objects with fine structure, shape, and texture. To this end we propose to use large format digital photography. We analyze and resolve some of the unique challenges that are presented by digital large format photography, in particular sensor-lens mismatch and extended depth of field. Based on our analysis we have designed and built a digital tile-scan large format camera capable of acquiring high quality and high resolution images of static scenes. We also developed calibration techniques that are specific to our camera as well as a novel and simple algorithm for focal stack processing of very large images with significant magnification variations.

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