Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paper watch: Latest IEEEXplore update

Plenty of noteworthy papers in today's IEEEXplore .These are some which will be on my to-read list, based on the abstracts.

First, from TCAS-II:"Event-Driven Data Acquisition and Digital Signal Processing—A Tutorial" from Yannis Tsividis. The abstract reads:
"Event-driven analog-to-digital conversion and associated digital signal processing techniques are reviewed. Such techniques, still in the research stage, have the potential to significantly reduce the consumption of energy and bandwidth resources in several important applications."

From IEEE's Transactions on Image Processing, a paper from Sony's Image Sensing Technology Department: "Generalized Assorted Pixel Camera: Postcapture Control of Resolution, Dynamic Range, and Spectrum". The abstract reads:
We propose the concept of a generalized assorted pixel (GAP) camera, which enables the user to capture a single image of a scene and, after the fact, control the tradeoff between spatial resolution, dynamic range and spectral detail. The GAP camera uses a complex array (or mosaic) of color filters. A major problem with using such an array is that the captured image is severely under-sampled for at least some of the filter types. This leads to reconstructed images with strong aliasing. We make four contributions in this paper: 1) we present a comprehensive optimization method to arrive at the spatial and spectral layout of the color filter array of a GAP camera. 2) We develop a novel algorithm for reconstructing the under-sampled channels of the image while minimizing aliasing artifacts. 3) We demonstrate how the user can capture a single image and then control the tradeoff of spatial resolution to generate a variety of images, including monochrome, high dynamic range (HDR) monochrome, RGB, HDR RGB, and multispectral images. 4) Finally, the performance of our GAP camera has been verified using extensive simulations that use multispectral images of real world scenes. A large database of these multispectral images has been made available at http://www1.cs.columbia.edu/CAVE/projects/gap_camera/ for use by the research community.
The latest Transactions on Nuclear Science serves as proceedings from the RADECS 2009 conference. Some choice papers:
From the conventional TNS issue:

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