Friday, August 27, 2010

Omnivision Q1F2011 earnings call

Via seeking alpha. some choice quotes:

First, let me share with you our commitment with BSI technologies development. Our commitment to the advancement of BSI technologies is second to none. As the first company to commercialize the use of this technology, our first generation OmniBSI pixel is already in mass production and has begun to ramp significantly in fiscal 2011 and serves as the basic for our entire 5-megapixel product line.

With the advancement of BSI-2, the second generation OmniBSI pixel, we have further expanded our leadership in pixel technology well ahead of our competitors. The second generation BSI architecture represents a major milestone in digital imaging technology in an aggressive form factor. Meanwhile, most significantly, these technologies serve the basic for meeting the trend towards ever higher pixel counts and establish a trend towards high quality pixel.

Another notable commitment enduring in core sensing technology is our CameraCube technology development. In particular, we remain focused on the development of advanced wafer level optics and packaging solutions for our next generation products and reduce product costs. To this end, we are consistently examining our options and look for solutions to achieve our goal.

Last, but not least, through fiscal 2010, our OmniPixel3-HS technologies continued to gain traction with broad market acceptance due to its leading low light sensitivity. Our latest high performance VGA sensor that is built with our popular 3.0 micron OmniPixel3-HS high sensitivity pixel is well accepted in automotive and the security markets, which also demand high definition color applications.


Currently, a major trend and expectation in imaging is the increasingly rapid marketplace adoption of high sensitivity, high definition images and video.


Our BSI products are proven to be a key differentiator that has enabled OmniVision to secure a range of high value customers and projects. We expect that our proprietary BSI technology will continue to be a decisive factor in securing further design wins during the next several quarters resulting in an increasingly prominent position within our vertical target markets.


In regards to technology of BSI, obviously to ship the quantities that we are shipping today, it’s a long learning curve. We regard that as extremely a big advantage to OmniVision, and our competitors will probably face that step when they get to it. And it’s not easy to ship the volumes we have.


We have been developing the backside illumination technology with our strategic partner TSMC for many years. This has been a five-year effort for us. And there has been a tremendous amount of intellectual property developed between the two companies in that process. And that’s very hard to reproduce and is very hard to reproduce in a short time period. So if you look at our success and the growth we’ve seen, it’s really been fueled by BSI. So that should give you an indication that a great portion of that learning has already taken place for us. So we think that as a big barrier for the competition.

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