Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paper watch: EDA and social networks?

Another conference with its proceedings online at IEEE Xplore is DAC 2010 (free table of contents). It might take a while but they usually put the proceedings online for free at their website.

I found this paper from the conference a bit odd: Electronic Design Automation for Social Networks
Online social networks are a growing internet phenomenon: they connect millions of individuals through sharing of common interests, political and religious views, careers, etc. Social networking websites are observing an ever-increasing number of regular users, who rely on this virtual medium to connect with friends and share in the community. As a result, they have become the repository of a vast amount of demographic information, which could deliver valuable insights to businesses and individuals. However, as of today, this data is for the most part still untapped, partly because of the complexity entailed by analyzing some of these vast social connectivity graphs. Another area that deals with large data sets is Electronic Design Automation (EDA), the result of increasingly complex computer systems. The powerful tools used to deal with these data sets open many possibilities for social networks. In this work we propose to study interesting aspects of social networks by deploying some of the solutions commonly used in EDA.

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