Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Non-contact biosensors for EEG and ECG

At MIT's Technology Review, an article about research at UCSD on capacitive sensors for EEG and ECG.
Chi's sensor is barely larger than a quarter, and when multiple sensors are embedded in material and wired together, they create a portable monitor that patients can wear over clothing as they go about their daily routine. This could mean increased monitoring time and better compliance from patients.
Update 3: Their latest paper actually has quite nice results. I will take my reservations back :-).

Update 2: My wrong. They do have recent papers about the work which show good performance, but no mention on how they deal with motion performance, plus noise numbers seem a bit high.

Update: The group has a paper from 2007 on what looks like a very similar system. I could not find any scientific publication on the new work, so I'll join some colleagues on my skepticism for this development.

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  1. We used to think in similar lines; the problem (as we understood) was the "gold standards" and whether the practitioners will be interested in adopting these tricky technologies. But lets wait and see..


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