Thursday, July 1, 2010

MSc thesis position at imec

If someone's interested, here's info on a new MSc thesis position at imec on CMOS circuits for bio-photonics:
"Low Noise/Low Power Electronics for an Optical Glucose Sensor"

One of the most important requirements of implantable sensors is operation with very low power consumption. When such a sensor requires high performance for its correct operation, the power consumption becomes the most critical parameter of the design because of (1) battery size and frequency of replacement and (2) risk of local tissue heating (resulting in tissue irritation and inflammation).

This project aims at the design of an ultra low power CMOS readout circuit for an optical glucose sensor, as well as the driver electronics for the light source. The work involves:
* Analysis of the complete system: light source + optical detector for optimum power operation.
* Design of the sensor readout circuit.
* Design of the driver electronics for the light source.

The candidate must have followed courses on analog CMOS circuit design. Familiarity with the operation of photonic devices and with the Cadence design environment will be highly valued.

This work is defined as thesis work for a MSc in Electronic Engineering

The duration of the internship will be at least 6 months.

David San Segundo Bello (

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