Saturday, July 31, 2010

A couple of items from TSMC's Q2 earnings call

From seeking alpha.
For CMOS image sensors, we use 65-nanometer and backside illumination to achieve the best quantum efficiency.
For MEMS, we use 0.18-micron to compete 3D CMOS MEMS integration.
We have also experienced, accelerated our sourcing by IBMs and growing presence of fabless customers in specialty technologies, such as CMOS image sensors, embedded memories, high voltage, automotive and power.
Through the recent technology license and the investment agreement with Stion Corporation, we are transferring and developing together high conversion efficiency CIGS thin-film technology with a very low intrinsic cost structure, based on which both companies will aggressively build our manufacturing capacity to scale in the near future.
We strongly believe that CIGS technology will provide a long-term competitive solution to this high growth market. Earlier, strategic investment in Motech, which is a major crystalline silicon solar photovoltaic manufacturer has accelerated our learning curve and their solar cell support will enable our early entry in the solar market.

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