Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paper watch: Illumination-based synchronization of high speed image sensors

At the open access Sensors journal, an interesting application of the PLL concept from Tohoku University: "Illumination-Based Synchronization of High-Speed Vision Sensors".
To acquire images of dynamic scenes from multiple points of view simultaneously, the acquisition time of vision sensors should be synchronized. This paper describes an illumination-based synchronization method derived from the phase-locked loop (PLL) algorithm. Incident light to a vision sensor from an intensity-modulated illumination source serves as the reference signal for synchronization. Analog and digital computation within the vision sensor forms a PLL to regulate the output signal, which corresponds to the vision frame timing, to be synchronized with the reference. Simulated and experimental results show that a 1,000 Hz frame rate vision sensor was successfully synchronized with 32 μs jitters.

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