Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Graphene coming through

A couple of this week's graphene development announcements/papers:
  • A paper at Applied Physics Letters on graphene films for supercapacitors. Abstract: "This study reports the preparation of ultrathin, transparent graphene films for use in supercapacitor applications. The surface morphology of the films was investigated by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy, revealing a very homogeneous surface with intimate contact between graphene sheets. Electrochemical characterization demonstrated nearly ideal electrical double layer capacitive behavior. The capacitance obtained from charge-discharge analysis is 135 F/g for a film of approximately 25 nm which has a transmittance of 70% at 550 nm and a high power density of 7200 W/kg in 2 M KCl electrolyte."
  • Advances on simplifying manufacturing nano-electronics based on graphene and nanowires: "[...]. They have devised a simple and quick one-step process based on thermochemical nanolithography (TCNL) for creating nanowires, tuning the electronic properties of reduced graphene oxide on the nanoscale and thereby allowing it to switch from being an insulating material to a conducting material."

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