Monday, May 17, 2010

Depth from diffusion

Via the Nuit Blanche blog, a link to the project page at Columbia University for a Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) camera using optical diffusers. Also, a paper explaining the technique. The abstract reads:
In recent years, several cameras have been introduced which extend
depth of field (DOF) by producing a depth-invariant point spread
function (PSF). These cameras extend DOF by deblurring a captured
image with a single spatially-invariant PSF. For these cameras,
the quality of recovered images depends both on the magnitude
of the PSF spectrum (MTF) of the camera, and the similarity
between PSFs at different depths. While researchers have compared
the MTFs of different extended DOF cameras, relatively little
attention has been paid to evaluating their depth invariances. In
this paper, we compare the depth invariance of several cameras, and
introduce a new diffusion coding camera that achieves near identical
performance to a focal sweep camera, but without the need for
moving parts

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