Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paper watch: Carbon Nanotubes as MIR detector

From Applied Physics Letters: "Carbon nanotube-Si diode as a detector of mid-infrared illumination".
We report a room temperature mid-infrared photodetector based on a carbon nanotube-silicon heterojunction nanostructure. The observed mid-infrared band (8–12 ยตm) in the photocurrent spectrum is consistent with the estimated band gap energy of semiconducting multiwall nanotubes (15 to 30 nm diameter). The fast response time (16 ms) and small temperature change (~10−8 K) upon infrared light suggest that the photocurrent response is not due to bolometric effect. We determined that the primary mechanism of the photocurrent in this spectral range is associated with photon absorption of semiconducting multiwalled carbon nanotubes followed by charge separation at the interface, their transport, and collection at the external electrodes

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