Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Paul Rako's overview of ISSCC 2010

The always insightful and often entertaining Paul Rako gives an overview of the coming ISSCC based on the advance program.

One of the things that had me cracking up:
Paul’s Summary: This is entertaining for the same reason that PLLs are. A bunch of digital guys struggling with the fact that at a few GHz, nothing is digital. They so very much want ones and zeros and mother nature keeps giving them sine waves. And reflections. And noise. And all the other analog headaches you have known about your whole career. These poor schmucks have to learn VNAs (vector network analyzers) from the RF guys and TDR (time domain reflectometry) from the analog types. They also have to be up on field solvers. Sometimes they talk frequency domain and sometime they talk time domain. This is worth it just to see the glazed-over eyes in the audience as some presenter discusses doing a VNA calibration run. This section has the greatest number of exclamation points in the abstracts.

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