Monday, November 23, 2009

Comparing SOI and bulf FinFETs

Article at ElectroIQ taken from Solid State Technology:
This article compares the performance, process variability, and cost of speculative FinFET process flows based on SOI and bulk silicon substrates. While both SOI and bulk FinFETs should be able to achieve comparable performance, a bulk FinFET fabrication flow will require more process complexity. In SOI wafers, the buried oxide layer isolates individual transistors, while in bulk devices, isolation must be created by the wafer process. We show that, because the bulk FinFET process is more complex, it will lead to 140-160% more device variability, and thus to significant manufacturing and process control challenges. Though SOI substrates are more expensive, the costs of the more complex bulk FinFET process largely offset this expense, resulting in a roughly equivalent cost basis with bulk at production volumes.

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