Saturday, May 16, 2009


I don't know how widespread is the knowledge of this service, funded by the EU. IDESA offers very good seminars at no cost for european educational institutions.

I recently attended a very interesting seminar by Thomas Skotnicki on commercial 45 and 65 nm CMOS technologies. The talk was recorded for this series and it should be added to the website soon. There were two things that formed the backbone of his talk in my opinion. First, good understanding of the phyiscs behind the devices is of utmost importance to optimize the devices. And, second: going from one experimental device fabricated in the lab to reliable industrial fabrication of multimillion equal (or at least similar) devices is a very big leap.

As an analog designer, it was also good to hear yet another confirmation that feedback is probably the most important tool for smart analog circuit design.

He also mentioned (and showed examples of) the MASTAR software, which is available here.

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