Sunday, April 19, 2009


One of the nice things of working in a research institute with a university nearby is that you can collaborate in very interesting projects.

Case in point. Some researchers from the Faculty of Medicine are working on brain interfaces. They use this chip, developed by colleagues in my group. They ask volunteers to participate in their experiments, and there I go:

Basically, they digitize EEG signal from 8 probes and correlate the waveforms with the stimuli. That way, I could type my name in the computer by "concentrating" on the letters I wanted to write. It still needs work, but the basic tools are there, and it's a matter of refining the algorithms.


While we are on the subject of brains, and if I may step aside from the main theme in this blog, allow me to recommend this recent article by Carl Zimmer, and this fantastic documentary.

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