Thursday, January 29, 2009


If you are an IEEE member and have access to Xplore on your company/university, a non-scientific but still interesting survey on sensors at the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine.

Else, what are you waiting for!

Cheap cameras

And I'll start with some stuff about cameras.

First, a teardown of a $9.99 tiny camera, and the simplicity of its insides.

And related, although way more interesting (for me at least) is this "open source" camera system: the leanxcam from Supercomputing Systems. Schematics and sofware free to use.

Initial condition

So when I find an interesting link/article/tool relevant to our job I send an email to my colleagues, which has ended up with me lovingly referred to as "the spammer". I've then decided to just post them somewhere and whoever wants to check what I find is free to do so.

What to expect? Well, I'm an IC analog designer working mostly on image sensors. But devices, applications, other areas (RF, digital) also interest me. So anything remotely "electronic" is bound to pass by here. Possibly including also other engineering areas.

Let's see how this goes...